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Why is your food so tasty? I love this place so much I cannot begin to explain how great they are. <3

I agree. Wife an i eat there some times twice a week. Love it

Are you open

Yes they are open on Christmas day

Why does it say they are open but no one answers the phone?

The only Chinese place available is the ShopRite in brodheadsville the take out .there are no Chinese places open

why did i find a bone in my food ?

She ordered chicken wings and that bone is clearly from chicken wing

If they are so tasty and good why don't they deliver? People who are out of town for work who stay in a hotel like to have a beer or when they get off work to relax can't drive so they call for delivery

No restaurant delivers in PA. It's just too far to go anywhere here. Stay at one of the hotels with a restaurant.

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